Are you running a small business in Tacloban City, Philippines? Have you already setup your business website? If not, you are missing a huge opportunity. In this article, you will understand the advantages and opportunities small entrepreneurs can reap with a website.

Meanwhile, before I explain that to you, let us first define “small business”. Driving down the city’s streets you will see a lot of bakeshops, mini groceries, and barbecue stalls, gift shops to travel agencies, laundry shops, and so on – these are the small business establishments that are most commonly seen in Tacloban.

Business Tacloban

If you own a small business thinking that the product or service you are offering is great enough to dominate your market, you’re in for a hard awakening. With establishments rising left and right in the city, competition remains among your biggest obstacles to market dominance. What should you do? Well, building a website for your business can be a smart move as it will not only help your brand stand out, but can also ensure that you’ll get your targeted customers’ attention.

A business websites doesn’t have to be fancy or expensive. You could just create a single webpage with photos, videos, and other relevant information about the product or service you are offering, as well as your entire enterprise as a whole. A simple business website is enough to give your business an online presence on the web.

Having a business website can give you several big benefits:

  •  Websites can be used by small businesses to reach with their customers. Through your website, your customers can reach your business by using their smartphones and tablets.


  • Thanks to technology and the advent of the internet, sharing pieces of content about your product or service has never been easier especially with the popularity of social media platforms such as Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. However, having your own business websites is still more professional and more personal at the same time. Having a business website also differentiates your brand from other entrepreneurs who are marketing their businesses just in social media sites and offline.


  • Another benefit of business website is that it can give you edge on local search. For instance, if someone searches for “Hotel Tacloban” in Google or Bing, your business website or webpage will be on top of the search result pages giving you an edge over the competition.


  • Finally, a website for your small business in Tacloban provides you with the extremely gratifying ability to make money around the clock. Your doors don’t have to be open and you don’t have to spend high number of hours in front of your laptop or computer every day. Through an automated shopping cart you can sell products or services while you’re asleep or relaxing on the beach.

With the practically foolproof technology that we have these days, a website isn’t difficult to create and maintain. And you don’t have to spend a fortune to create one either.