Why did I decide to start a printing business in Julita?

Printing is basically a service that almost every business or organisation that exists will need to buy in some shape or form. They could need customized t-shirts for their organization’s activities, business cards, flyers, signage, souvenir items, or any kind of service that requires printing.

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Artist’s quote

When you run a printing service in Leyte, every business, school, and government office is a potential prospect and can become a loyal client that requires printing every year or sooner. In addition to that, some private individuals also require printing. The amazing fact really about a printing business is there is no end to potential customers that can be acquired by an aggressive marketing campaign.

I came up with the idea of earning money by starting a printing service in Julita (Pixels & Ink Julita) since all of these paying customers exist, waiting for a printing expert to call on them and compete for their business. Not to mention that art and design are my true passion.

My expertise and experience in graphic design was my primary tool for this running Pixels & Ink Julita. I use a few graphic design software tools for my business. With research and a number of conversations with some printing experts, I have learned the right way of producing high-quality prints and art projects that consumers surely love.

My Julita Printing Clients

Today, I am already supplying customized t-shirts to the Local Government Unit of Julita, Julita National High School, and Julita Central School. Just in my first couple of months of business operations, I feel so lucky enough to have earned the trust of these organizations.

Today, I am already offering souvenir items such as custom-designed mug and pins using sublimation inks. I also offer custom designed fun run singlets for my clients in Julita, and other towns in Leyte. Please read my posts on this website for more updates.