Had a crush on a girl, no one knows

I sent her a “Hi”, she did not say hello

Sure I like her, but I should not pursue

She’s just not into me, but how will I really know?


She just watched a movie, one that I honestly haven’t watched

But how could I let this chance slip, this will start our chat!

I Googled, I commented; she replied, she smiled

Wow, how an amazing feeling, I think I’m ready to die!


Days, weeks, months have passed

We talked, we laughed, we sang, we cried

We phoned, we sent photos, and we shared thoughts that made us smile and cry

Oh boy, how could I forget the time I got her “YES” of my!


Got the “yes” that I wanted, thanks to those Baby Geniuses

Heavy days became lighter, thanks to her “online kisses”

Happier, closer, and deeper – that’s what we became!

When will this euphoria ends? Nah, that time will never come


I know this girl is more than special

She made me realize that life is so essential

In my downs, first time that someone is there for me

Her voice, her smile, she always lights my way


We’ve been together for more than a year, but she still takes my breath away

Finally the day came, we finally met

God, when I saw that plane I crazily couldn’t wait!

She smiled, I was shocked, and my face couldn’t be photographed


Finally this is it, my dream is on my arms I can grasp

Sure, that day was special but we’re also like other lovers

We fight, we cry; we curse, we shout and our parents have our love

We were sad, but we fought; we faced and fought holding hands


We against the world – our love and will were the only things that we had!

Nobody can’t stop us, thanks for helping me this fight

Finally it’s July, I’m sorry for the days I was gone

I was thinking, preparing coz there are rougher days to come


Now that you’re reading this one, aren’t you surprised?

Girl, I’m so sorry for the days that you fought alone

Now that I’m ready, those days you’ll forget I hope

All those days were gone, let’s please start fresh and move on


The man you thought was boring and over proud, now writes you a poem!

It’s now July babe, do you want to be my wife?


Second part:

I wrote this poem for months, and I thought that was it

I wish May and June just skipped, then the second part should not be in it

 Wanted to show you this July, but had nothing to do about it

All I can say is sorry, all I’ve got left is regret


But yeah, that’s how life is, things can be predicted

Every word is now matched with tears and pain; yeah I surely deserve it

I’ll stop my dream, who would stick with a man like me?


I was too focused about the future, and the people that block our way

While not noticing that my angel was slowly flying away

Now I can do nothing, but set her free

I already did my best, but she said sorry she can’t stay


This poem was for July, I did not things way

Not expecting to show you this on our supposed fifth anniversary

Life teaches you lesson, and sometimes it’s the hardest way

But yes, I wish I ended this poem shorter than it has been today.


This poem is for July, I wish i can make you stay

But I have to be unselfish, and that starts this day.

If only I was better, this poem should’ve been shorter

I really wish it was shorter…